Dry Chemical
Extinguishing Powders

Fire classes ABC, BC, BC-K, D.

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Micro Fertilizers

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  • Extinguishing Powders

    ProPhos Chemicals is the sole producer in Italy of fire fighting powders for all kind of fires, we work in compliance to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm, with the respect of the chemical physical values of the EN615. ProPhos Chemicals works fulfilling the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
    Extinguishing Powders
  • Micro-granular Fertilizers

    With a new plant of granulation, ProPhos Chemicals produces microgranular fertilizers (0,5-1,2 mm) organic fertilizers and organic minerals fertilizers. ProPhos Chemicals uses the fluid bed granulation process technology. We have an internal packing plant , we can use different packing for specialized market as gardens and golf fields
    Micro-granular Fertilizers

ProPhos Chemicals

ProPhos Chemicals was born as the only chemical company in Italy producer of dry chemical powder for all classes of fire.
ProPhos Chemicals’ sales are on domestic market and foreign market, basicly on European countries and Middle east.
Our long term experience is the key of our improvement on products and services offered, finalized to guarantee the customer satisfaction in a eco-friendly policy and in respect to environmental rules.

  • Vision

    “We want to be a Green chemical company, which invests in research to develop innovative products and services and customized for the customer, while respecting the value of Sustainability and ethics of Work.”

  • Mission

    ProPHOS Chemicals wants to implement his team of R&D and it's collaboration with public and private research institutes, with the aim of developing effective formulations and technologies most efficient for the recovery of raw materials whiles reducing the consumption of energy resources. ProPHOS wants to encourage the creation of a corporate culture in which there is respect for diversity, meritocracy and organizational well-being at all levels and create a commercial network that supports the internationalization process in place at the European and extra - EEC.

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53e982ef938e1f0a3b47490f_Marchio-BES-registrato-300x271.jpg ProPhos Chemicals S.r.l. is working following social ethics values.
Production of the following materials: Dry extinguishing powders, fire retardants, fire proof powders , liquid catalyst for glue, liquid fire fighting agents.
ProPhos Chemicals is improving its eco-friendly mark, is also leader on the important service of waste dry powders collection for Italian customers.

ProPhos Chemicals has the goal to keep a really good level of quality, our philosophy is to make research in technology and new products.
Our staff is dynamic and young , allows to satisfy the new requirements of the sector, improving quality of the products and customer care.
ProPhos Chemicals works in the respects of social norms for ethical behavior.

ProPhos Channel

PhoSave Project - Quality Control Laboratory

Achieving quality requires the use of many tools.

PhoSave Project


The recovery of exhausted extinguishing powder, via an eco-innovative, chemical/physical, solubilisation process. www.phosave.com

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